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Two international development students walking to class.

International Development Degree Resources

Learn more about news and trends in the International Development field with the resource articles on this page. Deepen your professional knowledge and enhance your abilities with a broad perspective of the field.

  • According to the American Evaluation Association, evaluation is “a systematic process to determine merit, worth, value or significance. Simply, evaluations can tell us if a program, policy or system is working, but evaluations can also answer...

  • International development studies is often associated with economic, social, and political development in a particular region or country.[i] The work itself can be broad in scope, ranging from disaster relief to microfinance to global...

  • Quite simply, social entrepreneurship describes the field of individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations who solve social problems with market-driven, business approaches. This could range from development of a new product like an...

  • You may be familiar with international organizations such as the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), American Refugee Committee, CARE, or Oxfam.