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Option 3: Special Education – M.A. Degree with Initial Licensure

Special Education - M.A. Degree with Initial Teacher Licensure

  • Option 3: Special Education – M.A. Degree with Initial Teacher Licensure: This option is for those without a Minnesota classroom teacher licensure who want to be licensed to teach special education in Minnesota. This program consists of: education foundation courses (18 credits), special education core courses (24 credits), disability specific courses (EBD: 6 credits, and/or LD: 6 credits and/or ASD: 6 credits), student teaching (6 credits), ASD practicum if applicable (1 credit) and master’s degree completion courses (6 credits). Please note: the education foundation courses are delivered in Minneapolis, MN and other select locations in Minnesota and precede online mobile learning. To obtain licensure: you will complete practicum experiences in elementary, middle school and high school settings in Minnesota and Minnesota state licensing exams. Please note: licensure recommendation is contingent upon successfully completing all Minnesota state licensure requirements. Total: 60 to 73 credits. Ready to begin as an initial license seeker (those new to teaching) to start your foundations, contact Initial Licensure Enrollment Counselor Michelle Dougherty ( or 612-728-5122) to discuss the program further.

The courses for licensure that are beyond the base-credit requirement include:

Education Foundation Courses 18 cr. (Minneapolis Campus)

  • EDUC515 Foundations of Education (2 cr.)
  • EDUC525 Curriculum and Instruction: Grades 5-12 (4 cr.)
  • EDUC511 Educational Measurement and Assessment: 5-12 (2 cr.)
  • EDUC517 Learning, Development, and Exceptionality (3 cr.)
  • EDUC539 Scientifically-Based Reading Instruction for Elementary Teachers (3 cr.)
  • EDUC534 Technology in the Classroom: 5-12 (2 cr.)
  • DUC565 Human Relations, Cultural Diversity, and American Indian Culture (2 cr.)

EBD/LD Student Teaching Courses 6 cr.

  • EDSE688 Clinical Field Experience (0 cr.)
  • EDSE689 Field Experience for Practicing Educators (6 cr.)

For students seeking ASD licensure: ASD Practicum 1

  • EDSE684 Autism Spectrum Disorder Practicum (1 cr.)

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