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Why Saint Mary’s University

History and Heritage

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota CampusWhen you choose to pursue your education online at Saint Mary’s University, you choose an established, respected institution with nearly a century’s worth of teaching history. That history gives us—and you—an advantage, as we know from experience what is required to help working professionals like you achieve your educational and career goals.

Perhaps even more important than history is heritage, and at Saint Mary’s, our Lasallian Catholic heritage inspires everything we do. We encourage you not only to earn a degree, but to develop a deepened sense of spirituality and a strong personal code of ethics and values. We encourage you to contribute to the welfare of your organization and your community as a whole. In keeping with our heritage, we also seek to awaken, nurture, and empower you to pursue an ethical life of service and leadership no matter which career path you pursue.

Quality Education

Saint Mary’s provides a well-rounded academic experience by integrating practical, professional, and ethical education in a dynamic and caring online environment. By choosing Saint Mary’s, you choose a university recognized for excellence in our ability to engage students, provide outstanding teaching, offer vibrant learning communities, and produce successful outcomes.

Multiple Layers of Support

At Saint Mary’s University, we are committed to providing all the support you need to succeed: technical support, academic support, and more. By encouraging cooperation and connection with your classmates, coworkers, and community, we promote your growth as a person and as a professional. Our caring instructors and understanding staff are committed to working with you to help you succeed and achieve your educational and professional goals.

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