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Online Learning: Myths vs. Truths

Busting six myths about earning your advanced degree online

While online learning is a fast-growing offering from trusted universities across the country, it’s a relatively newer option for students looking to advance their education. The conversation around this modality is often packed with myths that are easily dispelled, so let’s refute six myths we often hear from prospective students. At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, our aim is to partner with you as you focus on your future and decide which online program is right for you.

MYTH #1: An Online Education is Limiting.

TRUTH: Online learning in its infancy may have only offered degrees in select areas of expertise, but as the modality has grown, the opportunities for learning under specialized verticals have greatly expanded. From Project Management to Health and Human Services to Business and Accounting, Saint Mary’s offers advanced degrees in these areas and more.

MYTH #2: It’s Isolating to Learn Online.

TRUTH: You don’t have to stay at home alone. Many online students work from coffee shops, libraries and other shared work spaces­—all environments that offer plenty of social interaction. Plus, online courses at Saint Mary’s build in discussion and collaboration with other students, and you can team up with a study buddy for meetings in person if your schedule allows. Bottom line: You won’t be alone in your online journey.

MYTH #3: Online Learning is Less In-Depth Than On-Campus Learning.

TRUTH: As an online student, you get the same robust curriculum and instructors as on-campus students, and you’ll absorb the material in familiar settings on a timeline that fits your life. Our coursework provides a high-level education within an easy-to-use online portal that’s engaging, innovative, and just as rigorous as learning in person.

MYTH #4: You’ll Have Less Access to Faculty Than an On-Campus Learner.

TRUTH: We’re proud of our nationally recognized, attentive instructors who ensure all students get the attention and resources needed to succeed. Our instructors are well trained in the online modality and will support you from your first day to graduation day. Just like on-campus students, you’ll have access to (virtual) office hours, on-campus meetings and more.

MYTH #5: Only Part-Time or Out-Of-State Students Study Online.

TRUTH: We’ve designed our programs for students with a range of needs, from part-time to full-time. A key benefit to learning online is flexibility—the ability to craft your own schedule and fit learning into your own lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy professional who lives five blocks from campus or a full-time student living out of state, we’re here with an educational platform that meets your needs.

MYTH #6: My Degree Will Have Less Credibility.

TRUTH: At Saint Mary’s, you’ll earn a degree from a college acclaimed by Forbes, The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report. Our online programs offer the same prestige and respect as our traditional degrees; the only difference is the way you’re taking your courses.

Put simply, a degree from Saint Mary’s is a valuable investment, and whether you’re learning online or on campus, we’re dedicated to ensuring your success.

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