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Project Management Skills Infographic

The five most important Project Management Skills

Being a project manager involves more than checking the boxes. You’re managing large, complex projects, and you’re also managing people, the people on your team and the customers you’re delivering to.  Mastering project management requires understanding the practices that are needed to complete a project successfully and putting those practices to work in whatever setting you’re in. Learn more about the most critical skills you’ll need to master as a project manager.

Go by the Book

You’ll need to master the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide. Developed by the Project Management Institute, the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide gives you a common language and framework to manage projects, based on best practices that can be applied to any field, broken into the following five process groups:

Initiating by defining and authorizing a new project

Planning by establishing the scope, objectives and defining the course of action

Executing by processes to complete the work in line with project specifications

Monitoring and controlling through tracking, reviewing and regulating progress while adjusting as needed

Closing by finalizing activities

Understanding the Body of Knowledge is a requirement for P M P certifications.

Put Your Knowledge to Work

Project managers need to apply their knowledge of best practices in ways that meet the requirements of their particular workplace. This requires an ability to understand workplace policies, procedures, and guidelines, even the specific templates or procedures the organization use to manage projects.

Know the Environment

Project managers also have to be aware of a broad range of intangible real world factors that can make or break their projects. Examples can include Market Conditions, Organizational Culture, Internal Politics, Government Regulations, Organizational Structure, and Available resources.

Master Business Skills

Project management has a lot in common with good business management. Project managers should therefore master a broad range of managerial skills, including strategic planning, budgeting and financial forecasting, staffing, and general organizational knowledge.

Don’t Neglect the Soft Skills

Project managers who ignore the soft skills, leading and interacting with people, often learn hard lessons. Prepare to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, help out when team members struggle, motivate your team by recognizing exceptional work, be honest and forthcoming when updating the project’s customers, and build trust by communicating with team members.

A Masters in Project Management from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota can help you master these critical skills.

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