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Online Master’s in Educational Leadership


”The emphasis of the program deals with getting the student ready for the leadership positions, looking at management, looking at foundations of leadership, communication skills, verbal, written, technical.”

Pave the Way in Education with an Educational Leadership Master’s Degree

Today’s schools have unique challenges. As they encounter growing class sizes, stretched resources, and expanded classroom diversity, they require new leadership with fresh ways of thinking and creative strategies for today’s modern educational challenges. K-12 schools, higher ed institutions, and corporate training divisions need professionals who are effective change agents and administrators, as well as effective leaders.

Build on your educational expertise and gain these valued skills with an online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s and help usher in a new era of educational excellence. In this 33-credit, 22-month online degree program, you will gain a deeper perspective on educational leadership, management, and administration to become a visionary who can affect change who can affect change within an educational organization.

Our educational leadership degree is a means for those currently in education or leadership positions towards achieving a greater professional advancement.

You will grow as a leader who develops other leaders and learn how to help others reach their full potential. Enhance your research, management, and training skills and learn to foster the creative solutions that transform your institution for the better.

Why Choose an Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Degree from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota?

  • Program can be completed in under 2 years
  • Program focuses on change and what it takes to be an effective leader
  • The evolving curriculum provides current and relevant courses for management and training skills, as well as research

Develop Into an Educational Leader

In this program, you’ll build the foundational skills employers demand in today’s innovative leaders. Some of the highly valuable skills you will acquire from the online educational leadership degree program include:

  • The management and leadership skills to develop those around you
  • Educational strategies for learners of all ages
  • Communication, creativity, and personal coaching skills
  • Data analysis and research skills to improve organizations
  • A broader leadership and societal perspective that goes beyond education

After completing our two-year degree, graduates have mastered the skills and techniques necessary to be leaders in education, organization, or management. These skills include:

  • How to facilitate an education program
  • How to design a curriculum using up to date teaching strategies and theories of learning
  • How to perform action research, understand the role of action research in education, and analyze data to determine outcomes
  • How to resolve conflict, promote change, and rally political support necessary to better manage a school, organization, or corporation
  • How to use intercultural communication to promote learning and student welfare and to assume a role in leadership towards a greater capacity for educational equity

Education Administrators make the highest income within the education field, earning an average of $75,000 with a master’s degree ($23,000 more than those with a bachelor’s degree).
- Bureau of Labor Statistics

Expand Your Career Horizons

In this online graduate program, you’ll enhance your current practices and master organizational training and development strategies to prepare to become a:

  • Teacher-leader promoting educational change in today’s K-12 classrooms
  • Higher education administrator spearheading growth
  • Administrator in private, parochial, or charter schools
  • Dean of students, administrative intern, team leader, or athletic director
  • Organizational training and development leader or chief learning officer in today’s diverse corporate world
  • Principal in Wisconsin or Minnesota (with additional schooling, training, or internships as required)

Learning at Your Fingertips

A Saint Mary’s education puts knowledge and opportunity in your hands. Our mobile learning programs give you the flexibility that fits your professional and personal schedule as you build skills and knowledge to develop, explore, and advance your career. It’s the freedom you need to grow with a vibrant, supportive community that understands the needs of your education, your career, and your day-to-day life.

Every student in our online degree programs receives an iPad® loaded with a mobile learning platform, so you have Saint Mary’s with you at all times. Our innovative program enables you to:

  • Access your courses and materials in a click
  • Engage with the curriculum through interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning points using real-world scenarios
  • Connect with classmates and faculty anywhere*
  • Develop mobile technology skills employers require
  • Study with convenience, on the go*

At Saint Mary’s, every student enjoys the same high-tech, high-quality learning experience, wherever they are.iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. *iPad is wifi-enabled only.

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