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Each year in the United States, approximately 1.2 million students drop out of high school1. That represents about 7,000 students per school day. These statistics are extremely upsetting, but they don’t tell the whole story behind high school dropouts. For example, did you know that 28% of dropouts said their parents were “not at all aware” they were on the verge of quitting school? Or that 8th graders who fail math are significantly more likely to drop out than their peers?

These and other statistics help paint a clearer picture of the real issues driving high school dropouts in America. More importantly, they help educators understand the problem and develop strategies for increasing graduation rates in their schools and communities.

This datagraphic provides a snapshot of national high school dropout rates as well as common factors and characteristics among dropouts. Our aim is to give educators insights into the data they need to identify solutions that will ultimately improve student performance and achieve more successful outcomes.

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