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This course provides a culturally responsive overview and comparison of the aging process and illness. Identification of resources designed to support healthy aging as well as understanding various health and human service agencies that meet the needs of the disabled, acute and chronically ill, and the medically complex are covered. This course covers the language and basic understanding of healthcare and human services needs for clients, patients, and residents across the continuum of care.

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Differentiate between aging and disease progression as distinct but interrelated factors in human development.
  2. Effectively define and communicate common medical and pharmacological terms for individuals and care providers.
  3. Describe the common physical, social, and psychological aspects of the human development process, focusing on the disabled and chronically ill, as well as the various approaches to addressing individual needs.
  4. Identify and develop culturally responsive best practices for addressing common elderly/disabled/chronically ill and medically complex individuals within an agency, facility, or community–based setting.
  5. Research and evaluate the laws and agencies (both public and private) addressing the needs of vulnerable populations in residential and community-based settings.

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