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Dr. Cranmer has worked in the field of business form many years. Along the way he studied psychology extensively, obtaining a B.A., M.A., and eventually a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology. While studying for his Ph.D. he started another consulting business with a strong interest in the development of human passion in business. You could say that he is passionate about passion!

Away from work he enjoys camping, canoeing, backpacking, river rafting, and slot canyoneering. In regard to teaching, he holds a belief that the process of teaching and the process of learning are not really that different; each involves a willing engagement in the process of information acquisition, dissemination, and application. In the best-case scenario, learning is fun. It comes from a deep-seated desire to discover new things. His philosophy of teaching is founded solidly on this belief, and when applied in the classroom (or virtual course room), it plays out as a passion for knowledge. Specifically, his own passion for learning extends to the classroom where he teaches. Students learn best when their teachers model passion for the subject matter.

Finally, autonomy-supportive teaching methods are part of his standard methodology. By autonomy, it is meant that students have choice, freedom from coercion, and control over how they respond. It seems that the most motivated students are the ones that enjoy the process of learning, not for the sake of the grade (though that is a necessary part of the process), but for the pure enjoyment of discovery. As a teacher, he sees his job as one of helping to develop a climate of passion and intrinsic love for learning. Certainly, not all students will respond to this. However, this is a viable way to teach, and ultimately, the best way to learn.

Awards & Honors

  • Member Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology

Notable Publications

  • Cranmer, D. (2007). Autonomy and control in the workplace: Assessing managerial styles and employee perceptions of work climate. UMI (3258754).

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