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Career Outlook: M.A. in International Development Jobs, Careers, and Salaries

Let your passion lead you to a career in changing the world

Become a leader in international development with Saint Mary's University of Minnesota and build a career helping others, advocating for causes you believe in, traveling the world, and experiencing the job satisfaction that comes from watching your efforts result in lasting, positive social change.

With Saint Mary's online Master of Arts in International Development, you'll gain the skills needed to advance within your current company and make an impact domestically and abroad. Master intercultural communication, organizational strategy, fundraising, and project management, and graduate ready to navigate international policy and lead in many international development settings, including:

  • Charities
  • NGOs
  • Nonprofits
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Government initiatives
  • International relief efforts
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Disaster relief

International Development Titles and Salaries

Earning a master's is often a prerequisite for career advancement in the field of international development, and it will help brand you as a leader within your organization. With this advanced training, you will have the opportunity to create change in any of the careers below and more.



Organizational Development Consultant


Disaster Recovery Coordinator


Government Relations Manager


Sustainability Director


Policy and Advocacy Manager


Social and Community Service Manager


International Trade Officer


Program Outcomes

  • Integrate knowledge and theory from multiple disciplines to articulate and address problems in the international environment
  • Create sustainable solutions pertaining to international problems or social challenges
  • Approach problems with consideration of ethics, cultural inclusivity, and sustainability
  • Engage resources, stakeholders, and organizations to break down barriers and achieve sustainable progress
  • Lead, communicate, and think both critically and entrepreneurially within an intercultural context
  • Analyze and utilize the flow of information from evolving media
  • Embrace both ambiguity and ethics in global problem-solving endeavors

Put Your Passion Into Action

Boost your career and become a changemaker around the world with a Master of Arts in International Development from Saint Mary's. Call 877-308-9954 or request more information to take the next step toward a career in helping others.


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