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MID610 – International Political Economy

This course identifies the international political and economic elements shaping international development, including domestic economies; regional economic integration; demographic trends; and social, cultural, religious, ethnic and related tensions. The course also identifies political forces affecting the economic choices of states, non-state actors, enterprises, and individuals involved in international trade, investment, monetary, and development affairs.

After completing this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Analyze how political and economic factors interact to shape the global marketplace and international development environment, including as they relate to states, non-state actors, and patterns of cooperation and conflict in the international system.
  2. Evaluate strategies regarding the impact of international political economy on global trade and investment, international development, and regional economic integration.
  3. Synthesize in a balanced manner the individual, organizational, and systemic issues in conflicting situations.
  4. Analyze the viewpoint of another culture to gain new knowledge and insights.

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