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MID635 – Social Entrepreneurship

This course explores the skills and resources which enable entrepreneurs to respond to complex social needs by providing practical and innovative solutions to social, economic, environmental, and other problems locally and worldwide. It also introduces the theory and practice of organizational mission, strategy, management, marketing, finance, decision making, organizational behavior, and evaluation within an ethical framework.

After completing this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Distinguish social service providers from social activists from social entrepreneurs.
  2. Demonstrate social entrepreneurs’ techniques such as leadership, team building, negotiation, and working in complex social and cultural environments.
  3. Assess potential sources of funding for social enterprises, including philanthropy, government and regenerative financing, and self-sustaining social enterprises.
  4. Plan an enterprise with an organizational mission focused on social improvement.
  5. Develop assessment tools to measure social outcomes.
  6. Analyze the viewpoint of another culture to gain new knowledge and insights.
  7. Question one’s own purposes, evidence, conclusions, assumptions, concepts and point of view.

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