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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Career Outlook

Develop the Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

Organizational leadership careers are out there. Research shows that training for soft skills is the number-one priority across sectors in 2018,1 with executives agreeing that leadership is most in demand, followed by communications and collaboration.2 With a master's in organizational leadership, you'll develop these skills and more, setting you apart from the competition and preparing you to succeed in any environment.

Companies and communities need organizational leaders who are able to navigate complex, global business environments while coordinating dispersed, multidisciplinary teams. Corporate, nonprofit, and governmental organizations are looking for talented leaders who can manage change while balancing the needs of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and society at large.

Your Future Income Potential

A master's in organizational leadership from Saint Mary's University can open doors to a thriving career. You'll find opportunities in many industries, with a bright career outlook and promising income potential.



GROWTH 2016–2026

Top Executive



Training and Development Manager



Social and Community Service Manager



Human Resources Manager



Administrative Services Manager



Medical and Health Services Manager



Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018.

Program Outcomes

Your master's in organizational leadership will give you the ability to:

  • Interpret the contexts and environments in which organizations operate
  • Apply analytical principles and skills to make complex strategic decisions
  • Develop individual awareness, style, and communication skills that influence outcomes
  • Collaborate with complex work teams using effective communication techniques
  • Develop creative, adaptive strategies that promote positive change and innovation
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal implications of one's actions
  • Conduct research and communicate results successfully
  • Create a diverse and inclusive organizational culture
  • Activate self-directed strategies for continued personal and professional learning

Whether you are a middle manager seeking leadership opportunities, a career changer seeking a whole new path, or a visionary eager to implement social change in the world with your own entrepreneurial venture, the online Master's in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s is a smart launching point. Request a free brochure or call 877-308-9954 to speak to an enrollment counselor today.