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Career Outlook: Organizational Leadership Jobs, Careers, and Salaries

Today’s companies and communities seek innovative, organizational leaders who are able to navigate complex, global business environments; to manage and lead virtual, multidisciplinary and dispersed teams; to thoughtfully manage and guide change; and to balance the needs of stakeholders, employees, and customers, as well as society.

In other words, today’s companies are looking for adaptive and agile leaders who proactively seek opportunities and who are equipped with the broad knowledge, organizational perspective, and critical strategic and innovative thinking required to shape the future, lead people, and perform at an optimal level.

An online degree in organizational leadership will prepare you to take on a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Building strong relationships with global executives, managers, and constituents
  • Partnering with communities to foster corporate social responsibility
  • Developing processes for evaluating cross-sector opportunity decisions
  • Creatively managing and allocating human and capital resources
  • Building a high-performance, inclusive, disciplined culture
  • Becoming a strategic leader for organizational and systems change

An organizational leadership online degree will give you great flexibility over the life of your career, providing you with skills and abilities valued across functions, sectors, and industries.

Organizational Leadership Jobs

An online master’s degree in organizational leadership enables you to work in diverse business units, sectors, and industries. Below is a sample of roles in where organizational leadership skills are useful:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • International Team Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Talent Manager
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Vice President, Human Resources
  • Management Consultant
  • Director, Quality Systems
  • Director, Compliance
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Global Trade
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Health Services Manager
  • Education Administrator
  • Director, Strategic Planning
  • Organization Development Consultant
  • Strategic Planner of Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Law Enforcement
  • Consulting
  • International Relations

Below is industry information about various careers in Organizational Leadership according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Whether you are a middle manager seeking leadership opportunities, a career changer seeking a whole new path, or a visionary eager to implement social change in the world with your own entrepreneurial venture, the online Master's in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s is a smart launching point. Request a free brochure or call 877-308-9954 to speak to an enrollment counselor today.