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Program Benefits

  • Clustered Curriculum Design
  • Cohort Study Format
  • Digital Badging and Graduate Certificates Available

Realize Your Leadership Potential

Increase your influence and expand your career with an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) from Saint Mary's. Our rigorous curriculum and unique online learning structure will build your creative problem-solving skills while empowering you to lead—enabling any team to reach its full potential.

This 36-credit, 24-month online organizational leadership master's degree is designed to help you become an adaptable, ethical, and tech-savvy leader who can effect real and lasting change in your organization. You will learn how to overcome organizational challenges, manage conflict, and develop those around you.

Through Saint Mary's organizational leadership master's degree, you'll not only cultivate your skills but grow into an ethical, lifelong learner and leader who is capable of creating real, effective change in your current organization and beyond.

Program Highlights

Lessons From the Field. At Saint Mary's, you'll learn from real-world practitioners, including executive directors, VPs, and other senior leaders from across the business, nonprofit, and government sectors. Their experience and insight will enable you to apply your new skills immediately in your current role.

Systems Thinking.Challenge organizational norms through analysis, reflection, and strategic planning. Then learn to influence your surroundings with clear communication, solid relationship building, and conflict-management skills.

Graduate Certificate Offerings. Choice of nine graduate certificate offerings to add on to your degree — The Saint Mary’s Accelerators are a carefully crafted series of master’s-level graduate certificates designed to advance your career to help you meet personal and professional goals. Graduate certificates can be taken individually to help you build a robust professional toolkit, or they can be coupled with our degree programs to customize your learning experience and prepare you for the next step in your career.

Built-In Network. By studying with a cohort through the 24-month duration of the program, you'll develop strong bonds with your classmates and graduate with a network of leaders from across industries.

Problems, Meet Solutions. Learn to overcome any challenge through innovation, critical analysis, and systems thinking. Become the go-to leader for your ability to assess complex situations and articulate them to multiple stakeholders.

Ethics and Ethos. Develop a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of leadership, talent leadership, and organizational development through an ethical lens. Learn to address controversial issues with a thoughtful, well-articulated response.

360-Degree Leadership

This program develops leadership acumen through a six-semester progression of themed classes that reflect today's connected, complex working environment. By experiencing the curriculum in its sequential order, you'll graduate ready to lead in any setting, through any organizational challenge.

Cluster I: The Learning Leader. Reflect on individual experience, preferences, and attitudes to build a growing awareness of how a leader influences outcomes with personal style and skills.

Cluster II: The Connected Leader. Build the relationships and connections essential for successful organizations.

Cluster III: The Global Leader. Understand and maneuver among the cultural, economic, political, legal, and social spheres that influence work.

Cluster IV: The Organizational Leader. Apply the art and science of managing talent and exploring the dynamics of power and influence to create a positive and progressive environment in organizations.

Cluster V: The Change Leader. Consider both organizational development and effectiveness to seize opportunities and have a positive impact on organizations and their missions.

Cluster VI: The Adaptive Leader. Synthesize leadership principles from the previous clusters to create a strategic, innovative, and competitive organization.

“The different skills taught me to be an effective leader in today's world.”
– Rich Pelzel, Organizational Leadership, M.A. ‘22

This distinctive curriculum will show you how to:

  • Interpret the contexts and environments in which organizations operate
  • Apply analytical principles and skills to make complex strategic decisions
  • Develop individual awareness, style, and communication skills that influence outcomes
  • Collaborate in complex work teams using effective communication techniques
  • Develop creative, adaptive strategies that promote positive change and innovation
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal implications of one's actions
  • Conduct research and communicate results successfully
  • Create a diverse and inclusive organizational culture
  • Activate self-directed strategies for continued personal and professional learning

Graduate Certificate Options to Deepen Your Knowledge

In addition to providing students with the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, graduate certificate courses also can be stacked toward the Saint Mary's University's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) degree. These carefully crafted accelerator certificates will help students develop valuable leadership skills that can be applied to their particular field to advance their careers.

Online graduate certificate programs are designed with working professionals in mind. They provide the opportunity to explore graduate-level courses and at only 12 credits, they can be completed in under one year. Students earn a digital badge for each class within the certificate program, offering a visual way to convey specific leadership knowledge and skillsets learned to potential employers.

Career Outlook

Good leaders are always in demand for the positive impact they can have on their teams and organizations. With an organizational leadership master's degree, you'll be ready to take on senior-level challenges with corporate, nonprofit, or governmental organizations.

Top Executive$104,9801
Training and Development Manager$111,3402
Social and Community Service Manager$65,3203
Human Resources Manager$113,3004
Administrative Services Manager$96,1805
Medical and Health Services Manager$99,7306

Realize Your Potential

Request more information or call 877-308-9954 to speak with an enrollment counselor today about pursuing an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary's.


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