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In today’s world to be an exceptional educator a teacher must have the skills and knowledge to reach students of all learning levels while in one inclusive classroom. With the education system changing rapidly, it is not only commonplace but also law that special needs students and children without learning disabilities have equal learning opportunities. Knowing how to accommodate each individual who walks into a classroom to the best of one’s abilities is the testament of an exceptional teacher and can be brought about through higher education. A master’s in special education is a great first step to enhancing your current teaching skills all while equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to handle an all-inclusive classroom effectively.

It’s the Law that all children are Taught Equally

In the past, children with special needs were often looked over when it came to education and segregated from their peers. But in the last 50 years, the system has opened up to addressing every child's education and is working hard to provide the best of care and learning environments. Now special needs students are required to be educated alongside their peers whenever possible allowing these children to learn at their full potential. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2.4 million public school students in the United States are identified as having learning disabilities.

Special education laws, as they stand, have been the largest catalysts for why most classrooms have one or more students meeting the qualifications as special needs. This is a great learning opportunity for all children, but it can be stressful for educators as well as students if the teachers are unprepared and unequipped.

Advancing Your Knowledge in Special Education

Given current special needs laws, children with learning disabilities are more common in regular classrooms. This is great for both special students and regular learners. Special needs children will have the advantage of being in a standard learning classroom with their peers, and the rest of the students will learn to be more tolerant of students with special needs and often start to assist special needs students creating a more integrated classroom. Earning a Master of Arts in Special Education will equip teachers with the skills to create an inclusive classroom that is learning at its full potential, gain the knowledge to reach students across all levels and relate to students of different backgrounds.

Although there are several learning platforms, online courses are the easiest way to learn on your own time. This method of education allows individuals to continue their education while bettering their careers and still tending to life’s other responsibilities.

A Strong Education


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It is important that all teachers have a plan that allows their students equal learning opportunities. As an educator, knowing more about how to teach children with special needs will provide all students with an education where learning is guaranteed and equal. Pursuing a Master of Arts in Special Education degree, such as the online program through Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, will equip educators with the proper knowledge and techniques to effectively create an inclusive classroom that allows students to learn at their full potential.