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MBA 636 Ethics in Social Marketing

In this course, students work through a model of ethical and policy decision-making for social marketing campaigns and learn how emerging technologies raise ethical considerations. The concept of privacy and security with regard to social media is also explored. Topics involving photojournalism, morality, truth in art, and social responsibility are discussed.

In addition to earning course credit, students will learn the six content domains covered in the NISM Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification exam*: Strategic Planning, Compliance & Governance, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Community Management and Research & Analysis.


  1. Use philosophical principles applicable to marketing and communications decisions.
  2. Evaluate the strategic communication campaign around current client advocacy.
  3. Understand the contextual nature of privacy, including the right to know and the need to know.
  4. Articulate and apply the stakeholder model of media economics.

*Students will see a $250 course fee which covers the course textbook and electronic access to all other course materials, guided instruction by a NISM-certified course instructor, and full preparation for the Social Media Strategist Certification exam. Those seeking the Social Media Strategist Certification will also receive a $49 credit toward the exam voucher and a 20% discount on hard copies of all materials, if they wish to purchase those.

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