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Master's In Public Administration Program Faculty

Program Director

  • Program Director

    Paula Justich directs the Master of Arts in Management, the Master of Arts in Integrated Studies, and the Master of Arts in Public Administration at Saint Mary’s.


  • George Diaz is a dedicated and passionate educator with a demonstrated ability to advise, coach, and instruct students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Adjunct Instructor

    Cuthburt Fernandez holds a Master’s in Leadership and a Master of Business Administration from Augsburg College in Minnesota.

  • Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

    Jaya Perez, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor (Adjunct) in the Saint Mary's University School of Graduate and Professional Programs.

  • Larry Graber has spent almost 20 years working in human resource management, where he used his collaboration skills to improve connectivity in organizations and helped with the flow of information.

  • Instructor

    Peter Castro has been with the Social Security Administration (SSA) for over 10 years and has held many assignments within operations from Service Specialists to Operations Supervisor, to his current role as a Regional Data Analyst for the Chicago

  • Dr. Carol Becker has over 30 years experience in government. She has held numerous positions, from analyst to project manager to finance director. She earned her doctorate as a mid-career student and has been teaching for over a decade.

  • Assistant Professor

    Dr. Ashby is a Dean of Health Sciences in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. Dr.

  • Adjunct Instructor

    Daniel Greensweig is the Administrator of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), a joint powers self-insurance trust that provides workers compensation and property/casualty coverage for most Minnesota cities.

  • Jim has been a Senior Practitioner, Consultant, Teacher, author and speaker in human resources for decades.