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Larry Graber, M.A.

Larry Graber has spent almost 20 years working in human resource management, where he used his collaboration skills to improve connectivity in organizations and helped with the flow of information. He served as a member of a National Safety Committee in Washington, D.C. and worked with the Federal Transportation Agency in setting policy and direction for the passenger transportation industry. He also served on the transportation committee during the formation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, helping to incorporate this civil rights legislation into the passenger transportation industry. For the last 10 years of Professor Graber’s career, he devoted most of his professional life to HRM working with very large organizations such as Best Buy Corporation and Buffets, Inc. Most recently he was Human Resource Director for a nonprofit homeless shelter in the Twin Cities. He earned his M.A. in Organizational Leaderhip from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he has taught since 2014.