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BIA 665 Decision Support Systems

Student learn how to build, assess, and support decision support systems such as data warehouses and data marts for data science. Students build a data warehouse. Project management strategies are discussed.

At the end of the course, you’re expected to:

  1. Articulate fundamental database concepts.
  2. Explain the value of different types of databases used to solve business problems.
  3. Communicate architecture requirements via industry standard diagrams.
  4. Evaluate relational table design and pitfalls of poor design.
  5. Implement an operational data store with the fundamentals of structured query language (SQL).
  6. Articulate appropriate program management strategies.

Co-requisite: Should be taken in the same semester as BIA661 Programming for Data Science: R Programing Language or BIA662 Programming for Data Science: Python Programing Language.

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