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This course introduces the concepts of spatial data creation, editing, and analysis using GIS software. Emphasis is placed on spatial concepts and understanding and utilizing standard operating procedures. Topics covered include coordinate systems, data creation, derivation, editing, metadata, proximity and overlay analysis, and cartography. Technical proficiency is a primary objective of the course, reinforced by significant practical exercises utilizing GIS software. Examples of how the geospatial industry provides location intelligence to a variety of disciplines are explored.

Upon completion of this course students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Apply knowledge of principles, theories, and concepts of spatial data analysis.
  2. Demonstrate standard techniques for creating, editing, storing, querying, and analyzing geospatial data.
  3. Uses cartographic design principles for visual storytelling and effective communication.
  4. Implement practices to promote spatial data integrity based on an understanding of sources of error in spatial data.

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