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Program Benefits

  • An Application-Based Program
  • Three certificate offerings to tailor your studies
  • Python and R Programming Languages Offered

Why Business Acumen Skills Are Critical for Success

First and foremost, this is a business program.

How deep is your understanding of the business world? When you graduate with your Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (M.S. BIDA), you’ll understand the true business acumen definition by seeing how businesses operate, why businesses are important, and how you can harness data to ensure success.

You’ll graduate ready to make data-informed decisions, solve business problems, and take your business (and your career) to the next level.

Know Your Market

To have strong business acumen skills, you need to understand your market. Your coursework kicks off with the principles of marketing and macro- and microeconomics. You’ll tackle application-based coursework on:

  • The basic types of market structures
  • Marketing techniques used by global firms
  • Supply and demand at both the industry and firm level
  • Elasticity and business cycle analysis
  • The impact of government policy on business

With an understanding of marketing, you can offer problem-solving strategies and business solutions informed by market needs. The more effective your solutions are, the more your career will benefit!

Grasp the Data. Then Act.

Big data is an amazing resource. But what good is data analysis if it can’t inform strategic business decisions? Through business statistics and data analysis, you’ll see what’s worked in the past, predict what will work in the future, and gain the expertise you need to advise on which projects should take place next:

  • Gain knowledge in applied math and statistics—from ratio analysis and comparisons, to descriptive and inferential statistics, to analyses of variance and regression.
  • Identify data patterns that show success. Use descriptive, predictive, and optimization modeling tools to forge a path to success.
  • Examine real-world case studies. Apply what you’ve learned to actual scenarios and find effective business solutions.

This program will empower you to keep going, keep digging, and lead the way forward.

Bring It All Together

When you expand your business acumen competency and harness your understanding of the market and the data, you’ll help your organization reach the audience it seeks and gain an edge over its competition—ultimately advancing your career.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Learn more about the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, or explore our other key program takeaways.