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Program Benefits

  • An Application-Based Program
  • Certificate offerings to tailor your studies
  • Python and R Programming Languages Offered

Business intelligence and data analytics informs the decision-making of top executives. With this specialized skill set, they uncover the root causes to organizational challenges, communicate with all stakeholders, and implement successful solutions. In the online Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (MS BIDA) program at Saint Mary’s University, you’ll spend an intense year* gaining skills and knowledge directly applicable to the real world in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, big-data analytics, and presentation skills. By graduation, you’ll be the go-to professional who can be counted on to determine cause and effect relationships and suggest sound problem-solving strategies.

As part of the MS BIDA program students select one of three certificates to further tailor their program to their particular career track and interest:

  • Business Analytics - Students learn how to frame business problems, provide optimal solutions, and improve business performance through data science project application. Students learn which tools are available, which to create themselves, and then how to implement them to improve organizational performance.
  • Healthcare Analytics - Students learn how to develop business intelligence capabilities within a healthcare organization and apply artificial intelligence techniques across a spectrum of patient care and business functions. Students study best-practice information management systems, including health informatics and decision support systems. Learn how to develop highly-accurate models for patient needs and organization objectives. Students also study governance and ethics, including HIPAA.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Students study data engineering to collect, clean and structure data for artificial intelligence projects. Through deep learning methodology and technology focused on artificial intelligence models, students gain skills and insight to perform in the fields of big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

This Business Intelligence Degree Delivers Real-World Answers.

The online Master’s in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics degree fuels your decision-making with the perspective of multiple stakeholders, and the power of data analytics. It shows you how to access, analyze, and communicate your answers to questions such as: How do we gain a competitive edge in business? Where can we save money in a supply chain? What’s the best pricing strategy for this market? How can we optimize the workforce?

“No one is going to hand a manager exactly what they need to figure things out. Organizations need professionals with the capacity to do the research...and who can adapt to the realities of big data. Companies want to know how you’re able to humanize it to various stakeholders, and what you can do when faced with imperfect data. They want solutions,
not excuses
— Michael Ratajczyk, Program Director,
Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program.

Graduate With Real-World Business Analytics Experience

The online Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics degree at Saint Mary’s University is an experiential program that delivers data governance and visualization skills that hiring managers notice immediately. While this degree focuses efforts on learning how to pull, assess and present data — it also teaches you how to be successful as you work around the daily challenges that are simply a part of working with big data. You’ll use a combination of real-time big data sets from various companies and the tools needed to navigate this complex environment throughout the year*-long program — emerging as a polished professional who can drive optimum results regardless of circumstance.

  • Real-Time Data Sets
    You’ll complete assignments using real-time data from a variety companies. And by real-time, we mean that data sets are sometimes pulled from companies and delivered the same day as your course. Furthermore, no one cleans them up for you. Data sets remain "ugly" — either containing too much data, or too little. They can also be corrupted. You’ll learn to work through these challenges as you’re expected to in the corporate world.
  • Programming Languages
    Learning a program language is the number one skill needed to effectively manage big data. It allows you to reach through the sea of variable information, quickly accessing the specific data sets you need to inform decision-making. You have a choice in learning either R or Python, but have the option of taking both courses.
  • Professional Feedback
    No less than three times throughout the program, student work is critiqued by a panel of experts, providing insight and exposure to your rapidly growing skill set. They’ll carefully review your work and consider your recommendations, asking the same questions of you as they would executives who presented to them. This deepens your understanding of stakeholder needs, sharpens your presentation and research skills, and provides incredible real-world experience.

Business Intelligence & Analytics — The Core of the Management Professional

No longer does a master’s in business intelligence and data analytics belong to just the math-minded programmer. The rapid increase and accessibility to big data allows managers to answer, with pinpoint precision, the specific rational in identifying organizational problems and to present a clear path to successful solutions. Regardless of industry, business intelligence and analytics is used to inform decision-making and drive optimum results in

  • Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Development
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service

“While we welcome and encourage math majors and programmers to apply, it’s not necessary to have that level of math capability or experience to excel here. And I think a lot of people, both math and creative-minded types, are surprised by that.”
– Michael Ratajczyk, Program Director of the MS BIDA program at Saint Mary's.


The application-based coursework in the MS in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics degree is geared towards professional problem-solvers and those who like to see how “all the pieces of a puzzle” fit together. Throughout the program, you’ll transform into a professional who can access, understand, and communicate the opportunities big data offers in a way that’s relatable to all stakeholders.

Students in the M.S. BIDA degree program are required to choose a Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, or Healthcare Analytics area of focus as part of their degree requirements. These options are also available as stand-alone graduate certificates.

To learn more about our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics certificate options, click the program name below.

Credits from the following Saint Mary's graduate certificates can also be applied toward the M.S. BIDA degree program. Click the program name below to learn more.

Learning at Your Fingertips

A Saint Mary’s education puts knowledge and opportunity in your hands. Our mobile learning programs give you the flexibility that fits your professional and personal schedule as you build skills and knowledge to develop, explore, and advance your career. It’s the freedom you need to grow with a vibrant, supportive community that understands the needs of your education, your career, and your day-to-day life.

Our innovative program enables you to:

  • Access your courses and materials in a click
  • Engage with the curriculum through interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning points using real-world scenarios
  • Connect with classmates and faculty anywhere*
  • Develop mobile technology skills employers require
  • Study with convenience, on the go*

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*Students who elect to enroll in the MS BIDA with the Data Analytics certificate can earn their degree in a year. Other certificate additions may increase program time to completion.