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This course introduces techniques for information distribution in such a way that data privacy is protected. It discusses models and frameworks for privacy protection that support privacy enhancements from economic, legal and policy perspectives. Fundamentals of cryptographic theory and practice along with its applications are introduced in topics such as classical and contemporary ciphers, encryption and decryption, breaking ciphers, cryptographic protocols, and analysis tools.

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Protect privacy and understand concepts such as data owners, processors, collection limitations, and ensure proper asset retention.
  2. Analyze key laws designed to protect privacy.
  3. Determine data security controls through an understanding of data states, standards selection, and data protection methods, and establish information and asset handling requirements.
  4. Develop data standards related to the data life cycle, control, specification, storage, archiving, and responsible personnel.
  5. Explain the basic principles of cryptography, including various cipher methods, hash functions, and cryptographic algorithms.
  6. Identify the major protocols used for secure communications for both wired and wireless networks.

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