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PRM612 - Project Leadership Team and Stakeholder Management

Format: Online

Duration: 8 weeks

Credits: 3 credits

How high is your EQ?

Projects involve tasks and products. Deadlines and costs. Changes and quality. But the driving force behind any project is people. Knowing how to manage the “who” involved with a project is essential to achieving the desired “how,” “where,” “when,” and “what.”

Course Description

To succeed as a project manager, you must be intelligent, not just intellectually but emotionally. Emotional intelligence is vital when working with people, managing interactions and overcoming conflicts. In PRM 612 Project Leadership Team and Stakeholder Management, you’ll see how having a high “EQ” can help you address issues involved with human resources and communication in project management.

Sample Course Topics

Each week, you’ll focus on a new centralized topic as it relates to the overall objectives of this course. While weekly topics are subject to change based on course and instructor, sample topics may include but are not limited to the following.

  • Overview of Project Human Resources and Communications Management; Self-Management
  • The Project Manager and Emotional Intelligence
  • The Project Manager – Self-Awareness and Managing Challenges
  • The Project Team – Assignments, Conflict Management, Influence, Motivation
  • Stakeholder, Relationship & Team Management
  • Project Communication
  • Project Team Leadership, Performance Appraisals, Positive Team Environments and Building Teams
  • Defining Project Success, Human Resources and Communications Documentation

You’ll discover what organizations are looking for in a project manager as you examine the types of interpersonal skills that are most desirable for this position.

As you learn how to effectively identify a project’s stakeholders, you’ll start with yourself, exploring the importance of self-management in the role of project manager. Every project will present communication challenges, and you’ll begin to think about the number of communication channels in a project and ways to apply the best communication structure in the project to avoid conflict.

Sample Assignment
Using virtual communications and presentation tools, you’ll teach a Project Management Human Resource or Communications Management concept to your classmates, focusing on creativity, clarity, and accuracy of plotting stakeholders for your project.

A large part of managing a team is motivation. You’ll explore motivation techniques, as well negotiation and persuasion methods necessary to negotiate for the resource needs of your project.

Reporting status to the many different levels of stakeholders within a project requires a variety of communication skills. You’ll come to understand the appropriate communication skills needed for different levels within a project.

As the leader of a project team, you’ll need to have plans for both human resource management and communications management in place. You’ll gain the skills needed to craft both of these plans.

Your Learning Objectives

In PRM 612, you’ll focus on the people side of project management such as organizational planning, staff acquisition, team development, conflict resolution and negotiation.

  1. Identify, assign, and communicate project roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.
  2. Synthesize in a balanced manner the individual, organizational, and systemic issues in conflicting situations and negotiations.
  3. Develop strategies to identify, address, and manage the diverse expectations of the project team and other stakeholder groups.
  4. Evaluate attributes that shape decisions on tailoring project approaches.
  5. Demonstrate, select, and adapt communications styles critical to project environments and progress.
  6. Adapt personal leadership style for alignment with the organization culture and project needs.
  7. Develop facilitation skills for virtual and in-person interactions among teams and groups.
  8. Close projects effectively, including staffing, finance, and archiving lessons learned and project documentation.
  9. Direct and manage project work.

When conflict occurs, as it inevitably will, you’ll need to be able to identify and resolve it quickly. You’ll learn ways to accomplish conflict resolution, as well as how the success and/or failure of a project manager are identified.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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