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Program Benefits

  • Traditional and Advanced Standing Tracks
  • Dedicated Field Work Placement Specialist
  • No Pre-Requisites Required

Total Credits: 60 (Traditional track) or 30 (Advanced Standing track)

Time to Completion:

  • Traditional track: 5 consecutive semesters for fulltime students and 10 consecutive semesters for part time students.

  • Advanced standing track: 3 consecutive semesters for fulltime students and 5 consecutive semesters for part time students.

The online Master of Social Work degree from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota welcomes professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our Advanced Standing track is 30 credits and is offered to those with a bachelor's degree in social work. The Traditional track is a 60-credit program that allows professionals from different educational backgrounds to enter the program and ultimately, the field of social work.

Once you earn your MSW, you'll be prepared to work in clinical settings to help individuals, couples, families, and groups overcome challenges in their lives.

Curriculum Overview: Advanced Standing and Traditional Tracks

Traditional Track — 60 Credits

  • Complete 33 credits of Required Generalist Coursework
  • Complete 18 credits of  Clinical Social Work Specialization Coursework
  • Choose 9 Elective credits of Clinical Coursework

Advanced Standing Track1 — 30 Credits

  • Complete 24 Advanced Standing Coursework
  • Choose 6 Elective credits
  • If your BSW was earned more than 10 years ago, you may be required to take an additional four courses, including Generalist Practice I and II and Human Behavior in the Social Environment (HBSE) I and II.
  • Students who earned less than a B- in any core BSW social work class will be required to enroll in the SMUMN MSW equivalent and must earn a passing grade before they are able to enroll in their clinical courses.

Traditional Track:

Required Courses:

Clinical Courses:

Electives: Choose 3


Advanced Standing Track:

Required Courses:

Electives: Choose 2


Learn more about the coursework in the Advanced Standing and Traditional tracks of the online Master of Social Work from Saint Mary's. Call 877-308-9954 to speak with an enrollment counselor or request more information.


1If a BSW was earned more than 10 years ago, students will be admitted as Advanced Standing, and will be required to successfully complete four social work generalist classes before registering for clinical classes. Please contact an enrollment counselor for more information.

Current Degree Requirements

For current degree requirements, visit the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Course Catalog.