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Prerequisite(s): All course should be completed at the time of enrollment, with the exception of MSW681 and MSW electives, which can be taken concurrently.

This course is designed to give students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of social work practice in schools by helping them acquire knowledge, values, and skills appropriate for advanced practice work within primary and secondary school settings. In the school setting, the social worker is a member of the pupil personnel support team whose function is to facilitate pupils’ maximum use of educational opportunities. The multiple roles of the school social worker are explored, and special attention is given to the use of evidence-based practice modalities. The course examines the many issues facing children, families, and schools, and content prepares students to work collaboratively with these diverse groups to build effective early childhood and K-12 learning environments.

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Examine and describe relevant educational policy impacting the effective facilitation of school social work practice. (G5b, S5b)
  2. Apply NASW, legislative and regulatory standards and requirements to their work within the educational environment. (G1a)
  3. Develop strategies of communication, collaboration, and consultation with parents, faculty, staff, and administration. (G1e, G6b, G6c, G6d, G8a, G8c, G8d, G8e, S1c, S1e, S6a, S6b, S6c, S8d)
  4. Utilize strategies of professional development, continued education, and evaluation of current practices and standards within the field of school social work. (G1g, G9a, G9b, G9c, G9d, S9a, S9c)
  5. Synthesize research to inform practice in choosing appropriate interventions for students. (G4d, G8a, S4c, S8c)

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