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This course provides a foundation for self-directed, integrative professional development in social work. Students use the Capstone Project Implementation Protocol to develop a self-assessment portfolio; identify short-term professional development goals supported by the scholarly practice literature; identify one specific advanced direct or indirect practice development goal to be attained through a cycle of systematic action and assessment activities; and present the results of the professional development cycle to the supervising mentor or other appropriate audience within the professional learning community. The individualized practice development goal is grounded in previous course work and practice experience. Systematic learning cycle activities may include interviews with subject matter experts, participation in conferences or workshops, and production of annotated bibliographies, for example.[1]

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate the capacity to establish and pursue a realistic and meaningful plan of professional development. (G1b)
  2. Develop and execute an approved learning experience cycle that deepens or extends the student’s mastery of knowledge, skill, or attitude essential to advanced social work practice. (G4a, G4b; C4a; C8b)
  3. Incorporate research skills and the professional community to develop a bibliography of appropriate resources from published and expert practitioner sources. (G4d; C4a; C9b)
  4. Situate one’s mastery of practice knowledge, skills, or attitudes as contributions to the social work profession. (G4d; C4a; C9b)

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MSW 681 Clinical Field Experience II

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