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PRM613 - Product Integration and Quality

Format: Online

Duration: 8 weeks

Credits: 3 credits

Ensure that projects meet stakeholder expectations.

Quality can be subject to interpretation. What one party finds acceptable, another may not. But when expectations are documented and measurable parameters are put in place, quality is a defined objective. Ensuring quality during a project requires careful attention to using tools designed for quality management. Integrating all aspects of a project, including quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, risk, communications, and procurement is at the heart of the project manager’s role.

Course Description

As you begin to master project integration and quality, you’ll examine a multitude of quality planning tools and techniques used to create a Project Quality Management Plan. You’ll explore the history and paradigms of quality as well as the role statistical variances of processes play in project management.

Sample Course Topics

Each week, you’ll focus on a new centralized topic as it relates to the overall objectives of this course. While weekly topics are subject to change based on course and instructor, sample topics may include but are not limited to the following.

  • Integration and Quality Introduction
  • History of Quality
  • Plan Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control and Quality Improvement
  • Collecting and Understanding Data
  • Applied Quality Management in Organizations
  • Closing Presentations

In addition to examining the concept of Total Cost of Quality, you’ll improve your understanding of how to prioritize your customers expectations, and how to create operational definitions.

You’ll also see how data analysis can help identify process improvement opportunities as you learn to leverage basic statistical analysis techniques to focus project improvement activities. The purpose of Quality Audits and how to operationalize the measurement of project quality will also be part of your focus.

Sample Assignment

At the beginning of the course, you’ll be assigned a specific quality tool or technique. You’ll thoroughly research the tool and create a video presentation showing examples of how the tool or technique can be used appropriately on a project, and demonstrating step-by- step instructions for applying it.

As you plan for quality, ensure that the plans are being deployed consistently and accurately, and leverage quality tools to recognize and respond to variances, you’ll be better able to make connections between the various quality processes. You’ll also consider what kind of ethical concerns can be associated with quality.

Through both practice and theory, you’ll consider how the project results should be integrated into the organization, and you’ll learn to leverage the tools and techniques to recommend and carryout process improvement activities for Quality concerns found in the industries you may work with in the future.

Your Learning Objectives

In PRM 613 Product Integration and Quality, you’ll examine various methods used to ensure a project meets the stakeholder needs for which it will be undertaken, including quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.

  • Identify quality standards relevant to the project.
  • Create a quality assurance plan.
  • Evaluate overall project performance.
  • Monitor specific project results against the quality standards.
  • Apply ethical considerations to project decisions.
  • Determine needs of the stakeholders.
  • Develop and use tools and techniques for project integration.
  • Prepare and present project information in oral and written forms.
  • Locate and use information reflecting multiple sides of a question.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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