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Online Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology


"What I think is unique about the Saint Mary's M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology program is the emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Although it's certainly about technology, it's a Learning Design and Technology program."

Illuminate Your Classroom

A new generation of tech savvy students is entering our nation’s school systems. These learners relate to technology in a new way that is changing how learning occurs in the classroom. Students now rely on computing, the internet, and digital media to understand and interact with the world around them.

The importance of technology in education has never been greater, and teachers of the future will need to keep up with their students by staying at the forefront of technology and learning design. Saint Mary’s educational technology degree is a valuable qualification for teachers and educators looking to advance their careers.

A culture of learning requires new ideas. The key to those new ideas lies at the crossroads of emerging technology, the lesson plan and the student. That’s why our new online Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology integrates educational technology insights and groundbreaking research on the way people learn in order to transform educators into master teachers, ready to connect with today’s diverse learners.

Saint Mary’s progressive program was designed by K-12 and higher education administrators and educators in partnership with representatives from technology industry leaders; it goes beyond theory to help you discover new ways to educate and inspire your students.

Our Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology equips you with the tools to redefine student learning for the future. Explore transforming areas of education such as student-centered learning, using technology as a mind tool, personalizing learning and tapping into mindsets to optimize engagement for students and teachers alike.

Discover the Benefits

Learn what sets Saint Mary’s online Learning Design and Technology graduate program apart from the competition:

  • Real-time Applied Learning: With innovative and in-demand courses like investigations of learning and teaching and rethinking education, apply what you learn in class to your career the next day.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Redefine what constitutes 21st century education by learning how to optimize the intersection among content, pedagogy and technology.
  • Technical Foundation: Curriculum equips learners with the ability to adapt to new technology to optimize the classroom experience.
  • Industry Experts: Learn and benefit from a network of instructors who are practitioners in the field and a curriculum designed with Apple representatives.
  • National Recognition: Saint Mary’s is regularly ranked among the nation’s top higher education institutions by U.S. News & World Report, the Princeton Review and Forbes.
  • Community of Support: From technical to academic support, our caring instructors and staff provide multiple layers of support to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.
  • iPad Included: Receive an iPad complete with productivity apps and our mobile learning platform to interact with instructors and classmates in a revolutionary way.
  • Affordable Tuition: Saint Mary’s is committed to making graduate education accessible and affordable for students.

Graduates can expect to earn more than their predecessors as the average salary of learning design jobs continues to rank on the higher-paying end of education salaries.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Saint Mary’s M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology programs, graduates will be able to do the following:

  • Ignite learning by incorporating new knowledge and tools into lessons
  • Help students learn how to use technology and acquire new life skills such as digital literacy
  • Design a curriculum incorporating new digital based teaching strategies using game based learning, web publishing, and other digital learning tools
  • Use critical thinking to determine how to engage students by finding the best way to integrate technology into lesson plans
  • Empower your students with individual capacity by understanding how learning occurs for different students
  • Design instruction for personalized learning and critical and creative thinking
  • Explore learning analytics to design individual learning strategies for students
  • Incorporate education technology research into your teaching practice and establish a Personal Learning Network “PLN”
  • Discover how to improve education by initiating school-wide change and continuous improvement in education technology

Graduates can expect to earn more than their predecessors as the average salary of learning design jobs continues to rank on the higher-paying end of education salaries.

Who Should Apply?

Educators, administrators and professionals in fields such as business, healthcare and information technology. This program is a great fit for practitioners in any field who engage with teaching and learning. It includes and allows for guided and investigative work for all those looking to better integrate sound principles of teaching, learning, and technology into their curriculum design and delivery.

Become a Master Teacher.

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