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BIA 661 Programming for Data Science: R Programing Language

This course provides an introduction to the framework for utilizing the R programming language and framework for developing advanced analytical models and statistical studies. The course features R Studio as an interface and application for performing, creating, and scripting. Students practice importing external data to study a business problem and produce a method for communicating an analysis.

At the end of the course, you’re expected to:

  1. Write high quality, maintainable R programs and scripts.
  2. Use the R Studio software for performing complex numerical analysis tasks.
  3. Articulate the value of R language for analytical modeling.
  4. Develop applications that offer a functional, sophisticated interface to the user.
  5. Demonstrate the concepts and logic of structured computer programming.

Prerequisites: MBA616 Principles of Economics and Marketing and MBA618 Business Statistics

Must take Programming for Data Science BIA661 or BIA662

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