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Public Administration Careers

Helping the public through public agencies as well as nonprofits is a meaningful career that also offers a variety of fulfilling career paths. The MAPA can also serve to support professional pursuits in the private sector.

Careers in Government

Local and state governments may see more opportunities as municipal and regional entities take on more responsibilities. Potential jobs include working as a city manager, a financial administrator, budget analyst, social services administrator, urban planner, or community affairs manager for counties, towns, school districts and municipalities.

The federal government still has a need for individuals with administrative skills to keep agencies and departments running efficiently. Opportunities include administrative and policy positions in federal departments, offices of senators and representatives, the U.S. court system, and independent agencies.

The MAPA has career applications in the political world as well. You could work as an administrator for a political action, educational or public interest group, for a political party or lobbying organization, or on a campaign.

The Public Administration field is expected to see stable job growth at 8 percent, depending on the industry.

Nonprofit Careers

The nonprofit sector is a rich source of career potential and opportunities. Identify a field or cause you are passionate about, and you could work as an administrator, developer, program manager, policy analyst or researcher for any number of charities, foundations, trade associations, NGOs or research organizations.

Opportunities in the Private Sector

MAPA outcomes are applicable to business as well, especially in companies that work with public or public-facing organizations. These can include companies that do consulting for the government, handle hiring and training for local governments, or entrepreneurial pursuits that meet a need for nonprofits and public agencies.

Average Salaries

Compensation in the public administration varies widely according to industry, experience and other factors, but a few average salaries for common positions include*:

  • Urban planners: $70,020
  • Social and community service managers: $64,680
  • Budget analysts: $73,840
  • Political scientists: $114,290
  • Emergency management directors: $70,500
  • Network and computer systems administrators: $79,700
  • Financial managers: $121,750
  • Human resource managers: $106,910

*All salaries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed May 2017.

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