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Learning Design and Technology Career Outlook, Jobs and Salaries

Lead in Thought and Practice

The use of technology in the classroom is growing exponentially. Educators who know how to use it are increasingly in demand. A Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology will help you become a forward thinking professional, while placing you ahead of the game in thought leadership and teaching practices in our technology-driven society. Our learning design curriculum will help you better your career by teaching you how to engage students with engaging teaching and learning strategies.

Professionals looking to advance as a teacher leader, become a more well-rounded educator, or learn how to improve education through learning technology should consider applying:


Career Growth*

Median Annual Salaries

 Kindergarten Teachers1



 Elementary Teachers1



 Middle School Teachers4



 High School Teachers2



 K-12 Administrators3



*Career growth projections taken from 2012–2022

Top Learning Design Career Roles

Graduates can expect to earn more than their predecessors as the average salary of learning design jobs continues to rank on the higher-paying end of education salaries.5

Graduates of our M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology leave school prepared to enter into teaching roles, executive positions, and leadership careers. Examples of positions that may be open to you with this degree include:

  • Instructional Coach
  • Technology Coach
  • Technology Integrationist
  • Professional Development Coach
  • Curriculum Specialist/Director
  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Trainer
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • 1:1 Specialist
  • Education Researcher
  • Instructional Design Specialist
  • Educational Development Specialist

For more details, below is industry information about various careers in Educational Learning Design and Technology according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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