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Online Life at Saint Mary’s University

What’s it like to be an online student at Saint Mary’s?

When your program begins, you will receive a welcome e-mail directing you to your online classroom available through our online learning environment, the hub of your online student life at Saint Mary’s. The online environment is an easy-to-use course management and content-sharing tool available to you and your instructors around the clock. You will not need to download or install software on your computer; the environment is available online from any Internet-connected computer.

Although certain professors may ask you to use other freely available online tools, such as wikis, blogs, and social media discussion forums, you will use the online learning interface to access your course materials, such as syllabi, readings, and assignments. You will also use it to communicate with your professors and classmates by e-mail, virtual chats, and lively online discussions, as well as to submit assignments and access Saint Mary’s library. Depending on your program and class, some professors may also assign tests and quizzes and confidentially post your grades.

Study when—and where—it is convenient for you.

The online learning environment enables you to access your class and to study whenever—and wherever—it is most convenient to you. Do you work best in the early morning? Then grab your favorite wake-up beverage and settle in at your computer for a time of reading or responding to online discussions before your work day begins. Are you a night owl instead? With the din of the day settled, log in to to complete your assigned readings or to research a topic as directed by your professor.

Do you prefer a more lively study scene? With the increased availability of public WiFi, many online students create an easy-to-keep study habit by spending several hours each week in their local WiFi-equipped coffee shops, libraries, or book stores. Perhaps you would like to do the same. Since the online learning system is readily available wherever you have Internet access, you can bring your laptop to your favorite hotspot for reading, writing, and research.

Access the university’s library anywhere, anytime, online.

As an online student Saint Mary’s University, you will gain access the online holdings and databases of the university’s library. Need resources not in Saint Mary’s collection? Online students may use the library’s interlibrary loan services to obtain full-text copies of articles not available in our online or print collections, as well as to locate libraries near you from which you may borrow physical copies of any books not available in our collections.

Get the support you need when you need it.

Although the online learning system is easy and intuitive to use, web tutorials are available to help you master the areas and components for which you might need help. Live technical support is also readily available. Our goal at Saint Mary’s is to equip you with all of the technology and tools you need to achieve your educational goals.

Find out more about learning online at Saint Mary’s University: call us at 877-308-9954 to speak to an enrollment counselor, or request more information.