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Program Benefits

  • Nurse-Friendly Flexibility
  • Career Leadership Development
  • Custom Capstone
  • Corporate Partner Scholarship Opportunities

The RN-BSN is no longer accepting students into the program.


Your classroom delivered to you.

Life gets busy. Whether you're raising a family, pursuing your career, or doing both at once, we know you want to keep up with your life while you earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing and take the next step in your career.




That's why Saint Mary's University of Minnesota's online programs are flexible and designed to fit your demanding life.

Study when and where you want in order to meet your coursework deadlines; learn from traditional textbooks, e-textbooks, audiobooks, and a variety of other resources; and enjoy recorded lectures on your schedule, not ours.

Our student support team ensures a seamless online learning experience; you can connect with fellow students, work side by side with professors, and tap into your new network for career opportunities. You'll earn a high-quality education that advances your life, on your terms.

Fast-Track Your Future in Nursing

  • CCNE accredited
  • 36 credits
  • 100% online
  • $15,120 (just $420 per credit)
  • Can be completed in 12 months

In the RN to BSN program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, you can complete your BSN in a year and earn up to 20 percent more than nurses with an RN.1&2 As you earn more, you'll be improving the quality of care your patients receive—that's why many hospitals exclusively hire nurses with BSN degrees.3

Prepare for a wider variety of clinical roles and healthcare leadership positions with your Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. With an aging population and increasing demand for health care, the nursing profession is booming: A 12 percent increase in opportunities is projected from 2018 to 2028, more than double the national average for that time period.4

Program Highlights: A Program Designed for You

Nurse-Friendly Flexibility. Our online RN to BSN was created specifically to meet the needs of hard-working nurses, like you. The online format makes it easy to complete coursework as you work full time or juggle family commitments.

Built-In Community. Even though you learn online, you'll never be alone: A vibrant community of students and faculty who understand the demands of your education, your career, and your day-to-day life, join you on this journey and celebrate your dedication to excellence in nursing.

Demand-Ready. The Institute of Medicine recommended that 80 percent of clinical nurses hold a BSN by 2020, and the American Nursing Association agrees. Maintain your career trajectory, prepare for leadership positions, and expand your career options with a BSN from Saint Mary's.

Leadership Potential. Our program will bring you up to speed on current industry standards and prepare you to lead with a foundational understanding of progressive care, new healthcare systems, finance, and health informatics.

Custom Capstone. Gain the experience you need by completing a practicum in a healthcare setting of your choice. Unlike most programs in which your options include just a practice area or two, we want you to explore new areas of nursing for your capstone project.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduation, students of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Post-Licensure Program are expected to be able to do the following: 

  1. Synthesize concepts from the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences into baccalaureate preparation and professional practice. (Essential I) 
  2. Apply concepts from federal, state and institutional healthcare policy and regulatory systems to assure ensure the advancement of safe patient care and professional practice.  (Essentials V) 
  3. Apply scientific and outcome-based evidence to nursing practice. (Essential III) 
  4. Incorporate the concepts from the sciences of information management and patient care technology to improve the quality of patient care. (Essential IV) 
  5. Utilize critical thinking to integrate quality assurance, resource allocation, and financial management policies into professional nursing practice. (Essential II)
  6. Apply principles of health promotion and wellness to diverse individuals, groups and communities as they are identified through community health assessment techniques.  (Essential VII) 
  7. Integrate professional ethical values including integrity, autonomy, human dignity and social justice into all aspects of professional nursing practice. (Essential VIII) 
  8. Collaborate and communicate, using a variety of modalities, with patients, families and interdisciplinary team members, to optimize healthcare system efficiency and patient wellness. (Essential VI) 
  9. Interact competently with a diverse population across the lifespan and healthcare continuums. (Essential IX)  
  10. Continue to learn throughout their careers.  


Program Curriculum: Real-World Learning

With a curriculum based in real nursing applications, you'll graduate with quick critical-thinking skills, evidence-based nursing practices, and a complete care mindset.

Explore our online RN to BSN curriculum or take a peek at the sample of courses below:


COURSE TITLE (3 credits per course)

NUR 302

Communication Skills for Nurses

NUR 325

Cross-Cultural Competence for Service Providers

NUR 410

Healthcare Information Management

NUR 310

Pharmacology and Applied Mathematics

NUR 320

Nursing Ethics

NUR 330

Healthcare Delivery Systems

NUR 340

Nursing Research

NUR 405

Introduction to Healthcare Finance

NUR 415

Nursing Leadership and Management

NUR 425

Integrative Healthcare

NUR 435

Community Health Assessment

NUR 490


Career Outlook: From BSN to Anywhere

It's a great time to be a registered nurse, with job opportunities projected to grow 15 percent between 2019 and 2029.4 Earning your RN-BSN with Saint Mary's will put you in contention for many more openings than an associate degree: BSN is the minimum required education for many organizations across the U.S., including many hospitals, the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Veterans Administration.5 Wherever you're headed next, your BSN will prepare you to lead in a number of roles in healthcare:



Registered Nurse


Pediatric Nurse


Nurse Manager


Unit Manager


Charge Nurse


Take the First Step

Request more information or call 877-308-9954 to speak with an enrollment counselor today about pursuing the online RN to BSN from Saint Mary's.


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