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Course Overview

This course focuses on the integration of quality evidence from research, clinical expertise, and patient values to make informed decisions regarding quality nursing practices. Identifying areas of evidence-based practice, gathering and evaluating valid evidence, implementing the findings, and assessing the outcomes are discussed.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, students are expected to be able to do the following:

  1. Apply an evidence-based practice model applicable to nursing.
  2. Access and evaluate sources of evidence for validity and relevance.
  3. Integrate the use of nursing data and information, and the role of informatics systems in healthcare organizations.
  4. Compare current and emerging clinical information and decision support systems used in healthcare.
  5. Integrate patient values and preferences into clinical decision making.
  6. Determine interventions and modifications to the plan of care using valid evidence.
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in technology competencies that are currently used in nursing practice and leadership.

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