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Online Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology Certificate

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Program Benefits

  • Apply Graduate Certificate Credits to a MELDT Degree
  • Explore and Apply a Wide Breadth of Technology Tools
  • Coursework is Applicable to Education and Private Sector Roles

Kickstart the 21st-Century Learning Process

Integrating technology into the learning process has become a necessary skill for teachers, trainers, and leaders of all organizations. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota's online Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology graduate certificate will equip you with the tools to facilitate the learning process through a variety of collaborative and dynamic technological tools. This interactive certificate is a part of Saint Mary’s Accelerators carefully crafted series of master's-level graduate certificates. Designed to advance your career to help you meet personal and professional goals, the online teaching, training, and leading with technology certificate can be applied to the Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology degree program.

Guide Learning through Technology

Through the online Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology certificate from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, you will have the opportunity to explore and apply a wide breadth of technology tools to improve your students' learning experiences. As you analyze and employ different technological tools in the classroom, you will enhance the engagement, collaboration, and concept development to address learners' needs.

When students engage with technology as a learning tool, they are better prepared to solve 21st-century problems. Schools, public and private organizations, and businesses have realized the need for teachers, leaders, and trainers who can communicate and facilitate effective instruction with the help of technological resources. Amplifying learning through technology will only increase in importance in the future, which is why a dedicated workforce of forward-thinking educators is necessary.

One of the hallmarks of our “accelerators” is that they are stackable into or onto full degree programs. Students can pursue a graduate certificate and then decide to continue into a full degree program in the same or a different discipline.

-Michelle Wieser, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business and Technology

To learn more about Saint Mary's graduate certificates check out this interview with Michelle Wieser.


All of the courses explored in the online Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology certificate are designed to give students the ability to integrate technology into the learning process. Structured in a cohesive, focused model, the core curriculum centers on preparing students to employ technological tools that are optimal for an array of learning environments and outcomes.

Certificate Courses

Current Certificate Requirements

For current certificate requirements, visit the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota course catalog.

Program Outcomes

  1. Design technology-enhanced learning that fully leverages the science of how learning occurs.
  2. Evaluate and grow your own disposition, mindset, skills, and capacity as a learner and leader.
  3. Employ technology tools that are optimal for the learning environment and learning outcomes.
  4. Create learning systems or solutions that tap into the collective wisdom and the power of collaboration.

Design the Future of Learning

After completing the certificate program, graduates will have an important credential to find employment or career advancement opportunities as a primary or secondary teacher or administrator, corporate trainer, instructor in a higher education setting, digital coach, or technology integrationist.

For those considering ways to alter and modernize the curriculum in different educational environments, the Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology certificate could open the door to an increasingly important position: the instructional coordinator. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, instructional coordinators earn an average salary of $66,290 per year and positions in the field are expected to grow steadily at a 6% rate until 2028.1

Certification Requirements

The online Teaching, Training, and Leading with Technology certificate is an asynchronous and part-time program that typically takes students three semesters, or 12 months, to complete. Students can expedite this process by taking more courses each semester to finish the program in two semesters or eight months.

To be admitted into the program, students must have:

  • An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university
  • A 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Transcripts
  • An up-to-date resume including both your educational and professional experience
  • A written statement: Your personal background and future goals all impact your success with Saint Mary's and inform your education. As you prepare your written statement, think about including previous experiences, education, and your personal strengths and interests. Share your motivations for entering the online Teaching, Training, and Learning with Technology certificate program and how it will contribute to your career.
  • Application fee

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