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Career Outlook: Special Education Jobs, Careers and Salaries

Meeting the Need in Every Classroom for Every Learner

Teachers with special education skills are in high demand near and far: While 46 states (including Minnesota) report a shortage of teachers in special education,1 Minnesota saw a 10 percent rise in special education student enrollment between 2006 and 2016.2

Every classroom can benefit from special education methods to ensure inclusive learning environments. And as your students benefit, so can your career: An online Master's in Special Education from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota can lead to a more fulfilling career path with tangible rewards. In most states, teachers with a master's degree earn more than teachers with the same amount of experience who hold only a bachelor's degree—and opportunities in special education are expected to grow.

Special Education Careers

An online Master's in Special Education from Saint Mary's can open up pathways throughout the field. Whether you're starting out as a paraprofessional, applied behavioral analysis therapist, school social worker, or any number of positions, this program will provide you with the opportunity to pursue career opportunities including the following:

Note: Additional education and field experience may be required for Director of Special Education or Special Education Coordinator positions.



Preschool special education teacher


Kindergarten and elementary school special education teacher


Middle school special education teacher


Secondary school special education teacher


Special education director


Educational consultant


Special education coordinator


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted.

Program Outcomes

  • Master intercultural communication skills and strategies to effectively support the diverse needs of special education students and their families
  • Become an authority on special education strategies and research at your school
  • Create a positive school and classroom culture to effectively teach all students
  • Use the latest mobile technology and methods that are giving students who receive special education a new voice
  • Design an Individualized Education Plan that helps provide students with access to their learning environment through multiple means, including assistive technology
  • Develop intercultural competence to relate to students of all backgrounds

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