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Career Outlook

When it comes to choosing a rewarding and dynamic career path, the field of marketing offers steady growth and the prospect of thousands of new positions by 2028. Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of marketing careers is growing at a pace of 8 percent1, which is faster than the average industry growth rate.

From social media applications and online news sources to podcasts and commercial advertisements, methods of digital storytelling are used by companies in countless industries. The trend of digital storytelling is quickly establishing new marketing career opportunities each year for professionals in the field. With the Saint Mary’s online Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Social Media, you’ll have the professional, technical, and communication skills necessary to embark on a lucrative marketing career path.

The accelerated online MBA in Marketing and Social Media from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota provides the knowledge and expertise required for successful marketing careers. Explore brand management techniques and develop the professional potential for a digital marketing career as you prepare for the NISM Social Media Strategist Certification exam2.

Career Spotlights

Marketing Manager

Often required to supervise a team or department of marketing professionals, marketing managers determine and execute the best methods for advertising a company’s products or services and attracting customers. The average annual salary for marketing managers is $132,6201.

Public Relations Manager

Representing a single business or multiple companies, public relations managers oversee the production of marketing materials that will represent and promote a positive public image of a specific brand. The average annual salary of public relations managers is $114,8003.

Social Media Director

To promote a specific brand and provide an interactive channel of communication with customers, social media directors oversee their company’s marketing campaigns delivered through various social media platforms. The average annual salary for this position is $71,6044.

Sales Manager

To ensure a team of sales representatives is efficient, sales managers determine the best marketing methods and outlets for specific products and services, plan and execute training programs for their team members, and set reasonable sales goals based on market research. The average annual salary for sales managers is $124,2205.

Embark on a Marketing Career Path

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